Fall 1997 -- Volume XXIII#3
Editor: Angel Roman


President's Message

I am writing this in the middle of the summer heat wave, when the 1998 Festival seems far away. But the summer task forces are meeting, and plans are already being made for next year. The next issue of the newsletter will describe the results of the summer's discussions, and proposals for the future.

It is during the summer that many Board members take the time to attend other festivals, to see how they do things and get ideas to bring back to our own. Old Songs, Lowell, Falcon Ridge, Champlain Valley - these and many others entertain us even as they suggest new approaches to what we do. They also remind us of the larger folk tradition of which NEFFA is a part. While we are enjoying the music and the dancing, we are also, by our participation, helping to keep traditions and cultures alive.

I hope many of you have had the opportunity to enjoy other festivals thi s summer. We would love to hear about what you have seen and been impressed wit h. We welcome letters to the editor which share your experiences.

-- Nancy Hanssen

Salute to Larry Jennings at the VFW

The regular Thursday VFW dance held on July 17 was designated to honor Larry Jennings, who has been a tremendous contributor to the dance community for many years. The night was a great success, and Larry himself wished to summarize it and thank all those involved.

That summary is published here.

-- Angel Roman, editor

Summary of the Minutes of the NEFFA Exec Board


Lost and Found Update

An incorrect phone number was published in the last NEFFA News for Festival Lost and Found inquiries. The correct number is 508-229-2854. Because of the error, the deadline before items will be disposed of has been extended to September 1, 1997.

New England Folk Festival Association