Give and Take

The New England Folk Festival Association (NEFFA) is pleased to present "Give-and-Take," by the late Larry Jennings. "Give-and-Take" is the sequel to Larry's 1983 "Zesty Contras." Nearly one-half of "Give-and-Take's" 176 pages consist of dance sequences (628 of them, plus 90 more variations), one-quarter are pedagogical material, and one-quarter everything else (including provocative remarks, exhortative essays, arcane analyses and guidance for dance administrators).

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About "Give and Take"

Here's the table of contents for "Give-and-Take." Further below, is the table of contents for the 1983 "Zesty Contras" book by Larry Jennings.
   a sequel to ZESTY CONTRAS, featuring
   628 Dances in the New England Style,
   Provocative remarks, Exhortative essays
   and Arcane Analyses

By Larry Jennings, 2004
Published by the New England Folk Festival Association (NEFFA)
Suggested retail price USD $22.50
Pages: viii + 168  Size: 8-1/2 x 11 inches

Give-and-Take -- Table of Contents

FOREWORD                                  iii
PREFACE                                    iv
ACKNOWLEDGMENTS                             v
PERMISSIONS                                 v

I-1. Vision and Titles                      1
I-2. Content of Give-and-Take               1
I-3. Selection of Dances                    1
I-4. Composer, Caller & Editor Relations    2
I-5. Caller Alert                           2

II-1. Glossary                              3
II-2. Explanatory Notes                     6
    EN1: Balances                            6
    EN2: Current Foursome                    6
    EN3: Diagonal Action                     6
    EN4: End Effects                         8
    EN5: Formation                           8
    EN6: Heys                               10
    EN7: Moving Up or Down                  11
    EN8: Neighbors                          11
    EN9: Neutrals                           11
    EN10: Out of the Minor Set              12
    EN11: Progression                       12
    EN12: Shadows                           12
    EN13: Stations                          12

III-1. The Way Duple Minor Contra Dances Work 13
III-2. Why Diagram Dances?                    14
III-3. Set Spacing                            14
III-4. Diagrams                               15
III-5. Nomenclature for duple minor contras   23
III-6. Foursome Classes                       28
III-7. Algebraic Analysis of Diagrams         29

IV-1. You Get Out What You Put In             32
IV-2. Is There a Minor League Contra Dancer?  33

V-1. The Travails of a Booking Coordinator   35
V-2. Time Management                         36
V-3. Discretionary Time                      37
V-4. Set Management                          38
V-5. The "Get Through It" Syndrome           41
V-6. Genuine Feedback                        41
V-7. Effective Lingo                         42
V-8. Pitfalls for an Unwary Caller           44
V-9. Spicing Your Program                    45
V-10. Teaching Without Lecturing             45
V-11. Trends in Choreography                 47
V-12. Are You Boxed In?                      48
V-13. Composers' Opportunities               49

VI-1. Pathways to Contra Nirvana             51
VI-2. The Facilitator's Role in Reaching
         Contra Nirvana                       52
VI-3. The Contra Dance Contract              54
VI-4. Procedures for Booking Coordinators    55
VI-5. An Implementation of Telling It
         Like It Is                           56
VI-6. Fake Problems in the Contra
         Dance World                          57

VII-1. A Collection Of Contra Anecdotes      62
VII-2. The "We Did It" And The
          "Something's Wrong" Syndromes       60
VII-3. What If We Consistently Checked Up?   60
VII-4. The Proprieties of the Partner Game   61

VIII-1. New England Traditional Dancing
           Where Are We Going?                62
VIII-2. Minutes Of Callers' Roundtable       64
VIII-3. Implementing Your Vision             66
VIII-4. Dancer's Forum: Influencing the
           Leaders                            68
VIII-5. Communication between Producers
           and Callers                        69
VIII-6. What Do We Cherish?                  70
VIII-7. Cures For Pet Peeves                 72
VIII-8. Caller Vs. Organizer                 74
VIII-9. The Name Game                        76
VIII-10. Steering Your Dance Series Down
            The Pathway To Nivana             78
VIII-11. Is The Center Set Syndrome
            All Bad?                          80
VIII-12. The Five Deadly Sins                81
VIII-13. Secrets Of A Successful Series      83
VIII-14. Callers' Problems, "Identifying
            Opportunities"                    84

IX-1. Notation                               86
IX-2. Headings, Piece Counts, Letter
         References, Abreviations and
         Symbols                              86
IX-3. Contras                                89
IX-4. Triplets                              155
IX-5. Other Formations                      158

APPENDIX - Program Planning Matrix           A1
BIBLIOGRAPHY                                 B1

Also by Larry Jennings
   A Selection of 500 New England Style Dances
   with a Provocative Explanatory Text

Published 1983 by NEFFA
Suggested Retail price $10.00

ZESTY CONTRAS -- Table of Contents

   Forward                                v
   Author's Preface                     vii
   Acknowledgements                    viii
   Bibliography                          xi

Part I. Zesty Contras
   1. Introduction                        1
   2. The NEFFA Contra Series             1
   3. The local Style - Zesty Dancing     3
   4. Scope & Philosophy of This Book     4

Part II. Use of the Transcriptions
   5. Preliminaries                       6
   6. Overview                            6
   7. Conventions and Lack Thereof        7
   8. Glossary                            9

Part III. The Mini Lectures
   ML1. The New England Contra Dance     13
   ML2. New England Contra Dancing       13
   ML3. More on Zesty Dancing            14
   ML4. Fundamentals of Dance Sequences  17
   ML5. The Joys and Sorrows of "+"      18
   ML6. Composing Your Dance             19
   ML7. Dance Transmission               20
   ML8. Programming                      21
   ML9. Musicians and Music              22
   ML10. Does Contra Dancing Need You?   24
   ML11. Conversations Topics and
         Suggestions for Administrators
         and/or Producers                25
          - Outline                      26
          - Notes                        27
   ML12. Communication Between Caller
         and Producer                    29
   ML13. Checklist and Suggestions
         for Callers                     29
          - Outline                      30
          - Notes                        31
   ML14. A Parting Word                  32

Part IV. The Transcriptions
   A. Contras                            33
   B. Triplets                           73
   C. Other Formations                   79

   Headings, Piece Counts, Letter References,
     Abbreviations, and Symbols          89

New England Folk Festival Association